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What Are Your Service Policies?


Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

We love that our clients ask us questions. Our FAQ page is a great resource to learn more about our award-winning services. We hand-selected our most asked questions.

1). What Are Your Service Policies?

  • All alterations must be given consent by the customer before proceeding. 

  • Alterations will not be completed until confirmed by the client. 

  • Customers must be aware that once confirmation is given, alterations cannot be reversed.

  • All customers must try on and verify that all alterations done on their dress are completed with 100% satisfaction before the dress leaves Mychelle's.

2). What Are Your Service Guarantees?

  • Our guarantees are only apply to technical faults done by Mychelle's—If we ever miss the high standard we set for ourselves, please come in so we can re-do the work at no cost or work out a solution for a portion of the original price. All the above guarantees mentioned do not include misuse!

  • Any dress that has left our shop for longer than two weeks from the final fitting, we cannot guarantee a perfect fit.

3). What Services Do You Offer?

Bridal Alterations

  • Wedding Dresses

  • Wedding Reception Dresses

  • Maid-of-Honor Dresses

  • Bridesmaid Dresses

  • Mother-of-the-Bride Dresses

  • Mother-of-the Groom Dresses

  • Flower Girl Dresses

  • More...

Formal Alterations

  • Prom Dresses

  • Homecoming Dresses

  • Graduation Dresses

  • Pageant Dresses

  • Evening Dresses

  • Cocktail Dresses

  • Party Dresses

  • More...


Custom Accessories

  • Custom Bridal Jackets

  • Custom Bridal Veils

  • Custom Bridal Skirts

  • Custom Beaded Bridal Masks

  • Custom Printed Bridal Masks

  • Custom Embellished Bridal Masks

  • Custom Sparkle Masks

  • More...

4). What Type of Payment Do You Accept?

  • Cash

  • Check

  • PayPal

  • Venmo

  • All major credit cards

5). Do I Have To Deposit or Pay in Full At My First Appointment?

  • Neither. A deposit is optional! We understand your specific needs and have made it easier for our customers by providing flexible solutions. For large projects, you may break your total alteration cost into 2-3 payments as long as you settle your balance at your 3rd fitting or before your pick-up day.

  • For small projects, you may pay your full balance on your pick-up day.

  • For custom designs and accessories, per our policy, we ask you to deposit 50% of your total cost before we start making your custom piece.

6). How Do You Price Your Alteration Services.

To get a better idea of how we charge our services, check out our service price-range below. We’re always 100% transparent with our customers. Prices will vary depending on the work scope, but we do have a general range that we stick to for our custom alterations and accessory design services.

​Service Price-range:


  • Take-in

  • Let out

  • Lower Neckline

  • Shorten Length (Hem)

  • Shorten Shoulder

  • Shorten Strap

  • Shorten Sleeves

  • Shorten Waist

  • Remove Sleeves

  • Remove Layers

  • Add Long Sleeves

  • Add Short Sleeves

  • Add Bustles

  • Add Zipper

  • Add Corset

  • Add Bra Cup

  • Tack Belts

  • Other...Contact Us!

7). D I Need To Make An Appointment?

  • Yes! Our business hours of operation are from Mon-Sat; 8:00 AM-6:00 PM by appointment only!

  • We open 6 days a week but we only take fittings, consultations, and measurements on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays.

  • Why are you operated by appointment only? Because of our business structure, we respect our brides and value their right to individual consultation and time with our professional seamstress to allow for their own vision to be captured in their dresses.

8). How Do I Make An Appointment With You?

You can make an appointment with us by simply;


  • Giving us a call at either Cell: 703.872.9815 or Tel: 571.719.6909

  • Dropping us a line at

  • Alternatively, you can send us a message via our website contact form...

9). Do You Charge For Fittings?

No. Fittings, consultations, measurements, and price quotes are complementary!

10). Do You  Accept and Charge For Last-minute Alterations?

  • Yes. We accept last-minute alterations, and that is something we help our clients every day!

  • No. We don’t charge for the last-minute alterations and we are here for you!  At Mychelle's, we manage every last-minute inquiry with the attention you need and deserve. For large projects, as with our pride of services: bridal alterations, you will need to prepare to come back for back-to-back and multiple fittings in a short period! No worries! We've got you covered and wee look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Mychelle's Team!

11). How Far in Advance Do I Need to Book My Appointment?

  • 12-16 weeks for wedding gown alterations

  • 6-8 weeks for brides who have a plan to lose or gain weight!

  • 3-4 weeks for the wedding party; bridesmaid, mothers, flower girls, Prom, Pageant, and casual alterations.

  • 1-2 weeks for small alterations

12). When Should I Schedule My Wedding Dress Fittings?

  • Please allow at least three (3) weeks between each fitting, minimum. 

  • Some brides prefer to meet every month and some every few months.

  • In some exceptional cases, for instance, last-minute alterations. We can accommodate fittings every 2-3 days or every week, but we prefer to have three weeks or more between fittings.

  • You should be at your target weight or shape at your second wedding gown fitting. After this point and for some reason, changes to your body that affect the fit of your dress can accidentally happen-Please contact us immediately should this occur!

  • It’s good to know that we highly recommend you schedule your FINAL fitting no sooner than 1-2 weeks before your first wear (wedding date).

13). How Many Fittings Do I Need For My Alterations?

  •  2-3 fittings for wedding dress alteration. Some complex project requires additional fittings. 

  • 1-2 fittings for formal or casual alterations. Some complex project requires additional fittings.

14). What Do I Bring To My Fittings?

  • Shoes

  • Veils?

  • Any undergarments?

  • Other Accessories?

  • and of course, your dress!

15). Who Should I Bring To My Fittings?

  • We encourage you to bring your friends, family, or your entire bridal party. (up to 8 people)

  • Except for your groom unless you prefer!!!

16). What Do I Expect At Each Fitting?

We creating the dress of your dreams in 3 easy steps! Our alterations are always done in-studio. Depending on what we’re doing for you, the time it takes from start to finish may vary. However, we follow the same protocol to ensure every garment is altered successfully and perfectly.

A). Consultations

The initial consultation is where we can learn more about you and understand how we can help. Please be sure you bring your shoes, garments, and accessories with you. You’ll work one-on-one with one of our in-house seamstresses to go over your vision, measurements, and get a general timeline.

B). Dress Fittings

Fittings are all about ensuring that you will have a perfect fit. This is the time to see how you look, iron out any concerns, and make any changes, or additions. we’ll ask you to come in for 1-3 fittings to ensure your garment is fitting, laying, and looking as it should. Brides should expect to come in for around 3 fittings.

C). Final/Pick-up!

We will always have you try on the finished piece once again to double-check it’s just right. Don't worry; we'll also give you the rundown on how to zip, button, and take care of your bustle. Once we've confirmed that you're 100% satisfied, it's time to celebrate and take your finished garment home.

Please Note: In some cases, a fourth fitting is necessary. We have found this to be the case for one or all of the three reasons:

  • You need to add sleeves or decorative straps (and the first fitting becomes a sort of 'consultation' for that ----particular alteration).

  • You have your veil, jacket, sash, belt, or other  accessory made.

  • You need a reconstruct or semi-custom alteration. 

In any case, we would know at the first fitting if a fourth fitting is necessary and would schedule that fitting accordingly.


We’re Answering Our Customer’s Most Asked Questions.


Most of the time, our clients tend to ask similar questions regarding our custom alterations and general services. We’ve created a list of our most asked questions. If your question is still unanswered, please reach out to us. We’re happy to assist further!

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